About Me

20140109 - InstagramLike many others, I began my journey as a software engineer at the age of 7, and there probably hasn’t been a week since then that I didn’t either write code, design something, or test out a new idea. This probably classes me as a long-term geek, and unashamedly so!

I now have almost 20 years of professional experience in the software industry, having worked in financial, media, advertising, retail and e-commerce sectors, both in software development and hands-on engineering management roles.

I focussed mainly on server-side Java development (web applications, scalability, performance, Big Data) for most of my career but, in early 2012, I took a sabbatical year and developed two web/mobile applications (Changes That Stick and UbiquiList) as a way of rounding out my experience, finding out what the whole “going it alone” thing was about, and stretching myself. Since then I’ve branched out into JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Amazon Web Services, and a host of other areas. I even wrote my own browser-side template-driven UI framework, to give me an understanding of an area I previously knew little about.

My passion is still the pursuit of well-written, solid, scalable software that meets customer needs. But my experience on my own projects has rounded that out with some awareness of what it takes to undertake a project from an entrepreneurial angle, the search for viable / commercial ideas, and a lean approach to pursuing them.

I see career progression, education and change as a never-ending journey, and just a few of the many reasons I love this industry.



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